Neeva to Provide Integrated Search Option in Puma Browser, a Privacy-focused Browser

The Neeva Team on 06/24/21

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Puma. Puma provides a fast, private mobile web browser that is helping to build an ad-free internet ecosystem where it is easy to support creators, game app developers, and charities. Like Neeva, Puma is committed to creating a service that is private and ad-free, and puts you, the customer, first.

Starting today, Puma will feature Neeva as a default search option integrated into its browser. Puma users will have streamlined access to the first ad-free, private search designed entirely for the customer.

Puma and Neeva have a shared belief that the web should be built to focus on serving you, the customer, over advertisers. This will further our combined efforts to make the web a better place, where you are not the product.

About Puma

Puma is a mobile browser for the Web3 ecosystem. Private by design. Today, Puma enables seamless payments for creators, app & game developers via Coil and ILP protocol, and access to HNS & ENS domains. Long term, Puma's goal is to give 1 billion people access to the Web3 world, the peer-to-peer and ownership-based economy. Puma was founded by Sergiy and Yuriy Dybskiy, with a founding team from Meteor, Facebook, Shopify, RBC, and Esri.

Your browser is your connection to the web. It should serve you, not the ad industry.