Neeva brings responsible, citation-backed AI powered search to New Zealand

The Neeva Team on 03/16/23
Today we are thrilled to launch Neeva in New Zealand which includes NeevaAI.

Today we are thrilled to launch Neeva in New Zealand which includes NeevaAI. NeevaAI harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver an experience that combines the best of large language models such as ChatGPT with the authority and timeliness of search.

NeevaAI provides a synthesised single answer with linked sources pulled together from the most relevant sites for a query, allowing users to determine the authenticity and reliability of the cited sources. The feature offers current information by crawling hundreds of millions of pages a day and serving from its independent index of billions of pages. By combining AI with Neeva's in-house search stack that eschews ads and advertisers, results are fast, timely, bias-free and relevant.

Real-time summaries backed by sources

Unlike other AI search offerings, NeevaAI offers current information to the user by interrogating a page, understanding its contents and incoming links to determine whether the page is useful and authoritative and cite the information source. NeevaAI does this in real time as the web changes, which is vital in our fast-paced world.

In a feature unique to Neeva, NeevaAI also provides citation cards, in which a search query returns a visual search result with machine learning summaries from all the top results and swipeable cards highlighting authoritative information about the researched topic. The cards also suggest important research questions for the searcher.

Support for publishers in a post-ChatGPT world

Publishers and content creators stand to be greatly impacted by certain AI search models. AI will fundamentally shift individuals’ relationship to finding and consuming information. For publishers, this should be the canary in the coal mine, and failing to adapt to this new reality could prove catastrophic for their businesses.

Nowhere is the threat more immediate than in search. As search engines become answer engines, publisher content will get sucked into the AI bots and served back to users without attribution or links. Without links embedded in the AI answer, users won’t find their way to a publisher’s website, effectively choking off the referral traffic pipeline. Significant drops in referral traffic will lead to material impacts on ad revenue especially at a time when most publishers are fighting just to stay afloat. To make matters worse, that same content will also be used to further train large language models (LLMs) exacerbating the publisher’s dilemma.

Neeva is committed to helping publishers leverage AI and LLMs to re-take ownership of the relationships with their users. Neeva is working to help publishers integrate fluent AI search natively in their websites allowing users to discover and consume content seamlessly. Moreover, to support publishers, whose referral traffic is now at greater risk from AI answer bots, Neeva has committed 20% of its topline revenue to content creator and publisher partners when their content is used to directly answer a Neeva customer’s query.

Since launching in the US in 2021, and Europe in late 2022, Neeva has amassed nearly 2  million users. It has built one of the largest independent search stacks crawling hundreds of millions of pages a day and an index of billions. By combining AI with Neeva’s in-house search stack, NeevaAI’s results are lightning fast, timely, and relevant.