Introducing NeevaAI

The Neeva Team on 01/06/23
NeevaAI is leading a new frontier of AI search that leverages cutting edge LLMs and an independent search stack to create a unique and transformative search experience.

Today we are thrilled to officially launch NeevaAI – authentic, real-time AI search. NeevaAI is leading a new frontier of AI search that leverages cutting edge LLMs and an independent search stack to create a unique and transformative search experience. We’ve been providing glimpses into our AI work on social. And now NeevaAI is available to anyone in the U.S. with other markets to follow very soon. U.S. account holders have immediate access to NeevaAI: everyone else can gain access by creating an account here.

The introduction of accessible AI such as the recent explosion of ChatGPT represents one of the most exciting technological advances since the iPhone. ChatGPT is a groundbreaking product that has captured the imagination of millions. However, in its current form, ChatGPT comes with two significant drawbacks. First, ChatGPT’s output does not include sources or references. It is impossible to determine the credibility of an answer by identifying and looking up the primary source(s). Second, ChatGPT does not retrieve real-time data or information. The model stops at 2021, making it less useful for the needs of current searches.

NeevaAI solves both of these problems. At Neeva, we are harnessing the power of AI to transform search from a game of 10 blue links to an experience that combines the best of ChatGPT with the authority and timeliness of search.

NeevaAI provides summaries with sources. Neeva shows a synthesized single answer summarizing the most relevant sites to a query. Importantly, references and citations are directly embedded in the answer, enabling users to determine the authenticity and trustworthiness of the sources cited.

NeevaAI returns current information. Neeva has built one of the largest independent search stacks crawling hundreds of millions of pages a day, an index with billions, and we’re fine tuning that stack with cutting edge evaluation methods to deliver the best results. By combining AI with Neeva’s in-house search stack, results are lightning fast, timely, and relevant.

Neeva integrates search and AI deep in its core. Thanks to Neeva’s independent search stack, as we look at a page, we understand its contents, incoming links, and other authority signals that tell us whether the page is important and useful. We use AI to process the information on the most relevant pages and turn that information into clear and digestible summaries. We also cite the sources in the summary — you can hover over the text to see the source of the information. The magic of NeevaAI is in doing all of this in real time as the web changes.

NeevaAI triggers on the majority of searches, and that number will grow in the coming months. Look up [kamut flour vs. regular] or [should you warm up your car] and see the power of summarized answers, while pointing you to real sources to read more.

Please keep in mind we won’t get everything right: as you use NeevaAI, do send us feedback of bugs and glitches so we can fix them right away. You can get in touch with us by emailing, or using our feedback portal.

We believe the future of AI and search is bright, and we are grateful for the opportunity to play a role in unlocking its power for everyone. For U.S. account holders, NeevaAI is now live and part of the search experience. For anyone else in the U.S., create your account and get started with NeevaAI today.