Introducing Neeva Onebox, community content at your fingertips

The Neeva Team on 07/26/22
Onebox makes community generated content easy to access, read, and search

Traditional search results are filled with pages of endless advertising, too much sponsored content, misleading affiliated links. For anyone searching for genuine content, it has become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between authentic information and sites gaming the system with SEO tricks. At Neeva, we have been working on ways to combat this problem including by putting a spotlight on user generated content platforms such as Reddit.

Now with Onebox, users can easily preview and browse entire Reddit threads without leaving Neeva. Of course we makes it just as easy to leave Neeva and go directly to the source since unlock ad-supported models, Neeva has no incentive to keep users on the search results page. With the combination of both UGC onebox and the modal, anyone can easily parse through a variety of different opinions from multiple reddit threads to get the information they’re looking for. Neeva also brings transparency to Reddit threads by surfacing important data such as the number of comments and upvotes, post recency, and different subreddits all in an effort to help users make more informed decisions about the content they trust.