Introducing Neeva Free Basic and Neeva Premium

The Neeva Team on 01/12/22

Barely six months ago, Neeva forever changed search with the world's first ads-free, private subscription search engine. Now we are thrilled to announce an exciting update to how consumers can access Neeva.

Neeva now offers two membership plans, Neeva Free Basic, a free and full-featured option, and Neeva Premium, an unlimited version with additional benefits for a low monthly fee.

Starting today, Neeva will offer two membership plans, Neeva Free Basic, a free and full-featured option, and Neeva Premium, an unlimited version with additional benefits for a low monthly fee. Both are available to anyone in the U.S. and soon to users around the world. For too long consumers have been forced to choose between online privacy and a truly great search experience. Neeva offers both, without compromise.

Neeva Free Basic

Neeva Free Basic is completely free, with all of the features our users love. Free Basic members have access to a better search experience that is ad-free, private and customizable (subject to certain usage limits). They can connect all of their personal accounts like Gmail, Microsoft Office, or Dropbox, set news and shopping preferences, and search from multiple devices. All with no obligation to pay, ever. Even with a limited trial period, hundreds of thousands of users search with Neeva every month, and we think that the introduction of a free tier will drive this to new heights.

Neeva Premium

With Neeva Premium, members pay a monthly fee (just $4.95 per month) and receive unlimited access to all Neeva search and browsing features. Moreover, Neeva Premium includes the latest innovative search features, exclusive benefits like membership in a Neeva-hosted community, access to Neeva founders monthly Q&As, best-in-class privacy tools such as a VPN and password manager planned for later this month, and much more.

Today’s announcement marks an important step in our journey to make search better for everyone. For the many users who have experienced the full value of Neeva and expressed a desire to pay a low cost for an unlimited version, Neeva Premium allows them to do it right away. With Neeva Free Basic, anyone who hasn’t experienced all that Neeva offers can use Neeva worry free for as long as they want. We are confident those users will come to appreciate an unfettered version of Neeva and become Premium members. Importantly, with both services we maintain our steadfast commitment to a delightful customer first experience that is always ads free and private.

We founded Neeva on the premise that traditional ad-based search models no longer serve consumers’ best interests. For too long, we have all paid a steep price with our data, our attention, and our privacy, and in return we are bombarded with ads and a deteriorating search experience. Neeva has reimagined search by flipping the entire ad-supported business model on its head and is fundamentally changing the relationship between the consumer and search. This shift enables us to focus entirely on providing the best and most useful results for every query and need. Untethered to ads, we have been able to create impactful & innovative features such as FastTap that make search faster, more efficient, and easier than ever. There is no ceiling on what we can, and what we will, build.

We remain grateful and humbled by the overwhelming response to Neeva. And we are thankful for the time that so many users have taken to provide valuable feedback on the product and their experience. Today’s announcement reflects our continued commitment to serve our community better every day.

For current Neeva Free Basic members, you can learn more about the benefits of Premium and upgrade your membership here.