Instant Reddit Summaries with Neeva AI

The Neeva Team on 02/17/23
Reddit has some of the best internet UGC, and at Neeva, we have deep DNA surfacing the UGC you trust most of all. Now, you can use Neeva AI to search across all of  Reddit’s amazing content and summarize the thousands of threads on any topic into a single answer with citations. ("the best headphones", "the best flavor of soylent" "the best spots in Italy" "best halo video game")

When you search, you want to find advice and answers you trust.

Reddit has been called the front page of the internet for over a decade. It's the democratized Internet watercooler where real people share their ideas, advice, and experiences. In our research, 30% of users prefer Reddit content to the top 3 Google search results.

We get it. You trust Reddit to give you authentic answers from real people. So do we.

Today, we are announcing two big new improvements to Neeva AI.

First, with our newest Neeva AI feature, you can now get instant Reddit summaries on Neeva. Just add “” to your query on Neeva, and Neeva AI does the rest — sifting through millions of threads on any topic and summarizing the best of Reddit for you in exactly one answer with citations.

Second, to power Neeva AI for user-generated content (UGC), we are launching our new Neeva AI ranking system, starting with “” queries. This work includes custom crawling and indexing billions of Reddit documents. We trained our large language models (LLMs) on all Reddit content, allowing us to do a much better job of understanding Reddit's unique structure. We improved relevance on tail queries significantly by using cutting edge LLM techniques for retrieval and ranking, allowing us to create a state of the art ranking system (as measured by 3rd parties).

Our focus on UGC has always been a key part of Neeva search. Since we don’t run ads nor serve advertisers, Neeva has always been free to surface the best results, products and reviews from UGC.

Many of our longtime users and community members already use Neeva by adding "" when they search. With their input, we launched features like Onebox, Quicklinks and our first LLM with Reddit summarization using Neeva AI. Cited Neeva AI summaries of Reddit content are a natural progression to make the most trustworthy information  available to you.

Create an account today at to try Neeva AI for free. Enjoy the front page of the internet at your fingertips!