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Tired of ads clogging up your search results?
Hate being followed around the web?
Tired of ads clogging up your search results? Hate being followed around the web?
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Created by ex-Google execs, and featured in major publications, Neeva has been named one of TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021.
Most people use search 10-20 times a day. Isn't it time for a fresh, personalized experience built exclusively for you?
From online shopping with expert recommended products, to results from your own preferred news sources and retailers, Neeva makes every part of search better for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Neeva make money?
Neeva is 100% ad-free and never sells or shares members' data with any third party. Neeva's Free Basic membership is completely free and full-featured, allowing members to search both the web and connected personal accounts like Gmail or Dropbox (subject to certain usage limits), set news and shopping preferences, and search from multiple devices.

To earn money, Neeva offers a Premium membership tier in the United States where some members choose to pay a monthly fee and receive best-in-class privacy protecting tools, as well as other exclusive insider benefits.
Why should I create an account?
Creating a free account allows Neeva to improve the search results we provide you (while never sharing your data with any third-party) and lets you tailor your own experience by designating preferred news and shopping providers, connecting your personal accounts like Gmail or Dropbox for one-stop searching, and much more to come. Neeva also offers completely anonymous search options, giving you full control over your data.
Is Neeva really free?
Yes. Neeva's basic membership is completely free and only requires a free account, which you can create in just a few clicks. Use your email address, enter a secure password and you are good to go. (You can also use your existing Apple, Microsoft or Google account to sign up as well.)
What are the benefits of a Neeva Premium membership?
In the United States, Neeva Premium members receive best-in-class privacy protecting tools and other exclusive insider benefits. To become a Premium member, choose the “Premium” plan when you create your account. If you choose to start with a Free Basic account, you can always upgrade your membership at a later date from your Settings. Please note, Neeva Premium is currently only available in the US.
Is Neeva a search engine or a browser?
Neeva is a search engine that has an iOS browser app and browser extension. Our browser extension is compatible with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge and Safari. Both our mobile app and browser extensions prevent trackers from following you.
Does Neeva have a mobile app?
You can download our iOS app from the Apple App Store. We are currently working on an Android app.

You can also set Neeva as the default browser on your phone. Please see this help center article for detailed instructions.

What data does Neeva collect on me?
When you use Neeva, we associate a limited amount of information about you with your account to make the product better for you. This information is automatically deleted after 90 days by default. This information will never be sold to anyone or used for the purpose of selling you products. You can see the list of things we associate with your account in our privacy policy.

If you connect Neeva to an external data source such as G Suite, Office 365, or Dropbox, we will process data we get from that external source, which may include personal information like email, documents, contacts & calendar. This information is used to show you and only you personal results when you search in Neeva.

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