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Created and backed
by former Google executives

From the experts who know search best.

Sridhar Ramaswamy

CEO & Cofounder at Neeva, ex-SVP at Google

Vivek Raghunathan

Cofounder at Neeva, ex-VP at Google, Youtube

Margo Georgiadis

Ex-President of Google Americas

Bill Coughran

Ex-SVP of Search at Google

Why people love Neeva

“Neeva makes it so much easier to focus on what I want to read now that I don't have to dodge all the ads.”

Jeanie S.


“It will not show any advertisements and it will not collect or profit from user data.”

“Excellent results. For scientific queries, Neeva places legitimate science and medical results front and center.”

Mike T.

IT Project Manager

“[Neeva has] no ads, no affiliate fees, no internal applications it's promoting.”